Welcome to the Kandy4Beauty Family


Hello, our promoters!

Thank you for your interest in the Kandy4Beauty Family Program. My name is Elyon and I am in charge of this program.

We are an affordable fashion and beauty store, where a girl can find all the things that enhance her beauty and inspire her to be the most fabulous version of herself. We wish to invite you to join us with the Kandy4Beauty Family Program which is currently focusing on fashion accessories and beauty products. Our goal is to bring our fashion and beauty products to the world, to promote and develop the market globally, sharing our amazing products with other like yourself.

The benefits of Kandy4Beauty Family’s members:

  1.      We offer you free our quality product kits to support your career as a beauty/fashion blogger, or for your personal use. We only require you to post a few photos or a short video of yourself using/ wearing our products and tag us with a review on Instagram or other media channels you are using. You simply have to post a unique just once.
  2.      After reviewing your photos/videos,  we will contact you for your permission to feature them on our 3 media pages helping both of us grow our brands and followers.V
    Front page
    : www.kandy4beauty.com
    : kandy4beauty
    IG: kandy4trendy
  3.      You will be among the first persons to receive access to new lines and products at launch before anyone else.
  4.      We offer free products for you to ship, on special occasions with gift boxes and messages from you written on greeting cards to your relatives and friends.
  5.      If your Instagram account has more than 20,000 followers and you are planning to do a giveaway for them, you also can be our sponsor by giving the winners free products and we ship to them on your behalf. For these giveaways, we will cover all expenses given prior approval.
  6.      We will set up for you a custom 20% off storewide discount code to share with your friends and followers on Instagram. Additionally, you will receive a 10$ commission via Paypal for any purchase made with this custom code under your name.
  7.      For future orders, you also can order 3 free products per month and you are allowed to use your own discount code to get 20% off on the International shipping and handling fee.

We understand you might want to try out our products and service first before sharing it with your followers, so you are most welcome to pick one item for your personal use first and you can make a decision to join our program later on. We appreciate that you have high respect for your followers!

Finally, we are super excited to have you join us soon!




  1.      Access this unique link: https://kandy4beauty.com/welcome-to-kandy4beauty-family-program/

    + This link is for our promoters only, please do not share it with everyone.
    New promoters are not allowed to use the existing promoters’ code to apply to their own orders.

  1.      Select ONE free item, write in your complete contact and shipping information in full to check the domestic or international shipping and handling fee, proceed to check out.+ As we offer you free products storewide and a $10USD commission per purchase made with your custom code, we are unable to subsidize the shipping and handling fee for you, thus, you are responsible for it in order to get your free item delivered.
    + Approximate International shipping and delivery time: 3 – 4 weeks ( working days only ).
  1.      We will send you a confirmation within 1 to 2 business days via the provided email.


•    If you have any further consideration, please email us directly at contact@kandy4beauty.com

•    You can sign up and leave our team at any time, with no financial penalty. You are also able to promote other brands, without requesting our permission. If you would like to leave our program at any time, just send us an email to let us know.